Order from your favorite local pizzeria is easy as pie.




Ilir Sela is the founder and CEO & Founder of Slice and grew up on Staten Island.

We see eye-to-eye with pizzeria owners, which is why we provide digital solutions at the lowest cost possible. Meanwhile, other online ordering apps take huge percentages of each order (up to 30%!) which causes major profit losses. When you order on Slice, you put more money in owners’ pockets, which goes towards everything from higher quality ingredients to helping them send their kids to college. Thanks for supporting local pizza with us. My family’s been in the pizza business for three generations. Their passion for the art of pizzamaking and the struggles they face running their business is what inspired me to start Slice. We’re here to help local pizzerias fight back against the big chains making subpar pies and the large online ordering companies who are hurting small shops.

Local pizzerias are the cornerstone of communities across the country. They handcraft the one food that unites us all: pizza. It fuels our celebrations, family dinners, and busiest days. While pizza lovers crave their favorite local pie, they also crave convenience. This has led people to sacrifice the quality, authentic food of mom-and-pop shops for quick and easy chain pizza. But we believe nobody needs to make that sacrifice. You can have your pie and eat it too.


Slice is uniting and empowering local pizzerias with tech, data, and marketing to take charge of their industry, to bring their business into the digital world, and to provide handcrafted, quality pizza with the utmost convenience. Unlike other online ordering services that drive down a pizzeria’s quality and value by charging high order fees, Slice builds a true partnership for a fair cost. We treat our pizzerias like family — with full support, transparency, and championship. This allows shops to expand their business while focusing only on creating the best food imaginable. Better pizza for pizza lovers, bigger profits for pizzerias, and a better experience for all.