6 Tips to Keep Your Property Free from Dangerous Deer Ticks

Written on 04/27/2018

Seventy  year old Pest Control Company Offers 6 Tips to Keep Your Property Free from Dangerous Deer Ticks

Tips provided by Mark Loffredo, President Post Exterminating Company and Adjunct Professor of Environmental Sciences at NYC College of Technology

With the surge in the white tailed deer population over the last 10 years,  as wonderful as it is to see them on Staten Island, they come to us with a hidden danger...black legged ticks (Ixodes Scaparis). These tiny creatures which are around 1/4 the size of dog ticks, carry dangerous Lyme disease as well as babesiosis and anaplasmosis which are all autoimmune diseases. This disease will attack the central nervous system and if untreated can lead to significant terminal health concerns.


For Staten Islanders, of whom many live close to wooded areas or live directly adjacent to these wooded areas, they can take precautions to keep ticks at bay:


  1. Keep lawn trimmed as low as possible. This will prevent  the ticks from grabbing hold of humans and pets.

  2. Cut back shrubs  so ticks cannot latch onto people. In heavily wooded areas it might be advisable to cut the brush down, removing it all together and installing a light colored gravel so it would be easier to see what you are walking on.

  3. Don't feed deer as this will only encourage them to return to your property.

  4. Use professional services such as exterminating and landscaping companies, which can provide pest control services around the edge of your property. There are certain licensing requirements that are mandatory to render these services.

  5. Remember deer ticks are slow feeders so when you find one on you, remove it and it is always good practice to have yourself checked by your physician. It takes 24 to 48 hours for the lyme disease to be transmitted to the host, you. Only about 50% of these creatures carry the disease.

  6. Use Deet. If you like spending time outdoors especially hiking in the woods. do not forget to use an insect repellent that contains Deet. This will work to keep these dangerous tiny creatures at bay.


Mark Loffredo, President of Post Exterminating Company a 70 year old Staten Island based pest control company says, “The humane removal of the White Tailed Deer would be to corral them and ship them off to a more suitable environment but for now we will have to deal with them and address the concerns for humans.”


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