2018 Clean Team Season Kicks Off

Written on 04/09/2018

BP Oddo’s litter-fighting team to clean locations throughout Staten Island


Staten Island, NY–As the snow melts and litter begins to resurface, Borough President James S. Oddo is pleased to announce that his Clean Team is kicking off its operations this month. The Clean Team picks up litter at locations around the borough three times a week through the month of November. Over the past four years, the Clean Team has cleaned hundreds of locations around Staten Island. 


BP Oddo is asking the public to report locations to his office for a cleanup. Cleanup requests can be sent in through the following ways:

  1. Send a message or post to his official Facebook page:www.facebook.com/statenislandusa
  2. Tweet us a location at @statenislusa
  3. Use the BP Assist mobile app, which is available here:www.statenislandusa.com/bpassist
  4. Report it at: http://www.statenislandusa.com/contact.html
  5. Call our Borough President’s Helpline at 718-816-2000
  6. Email the location to Anthony Esposito at aesposito@statenislandusa.com

“This remains a campaign without an exit strategy,” noted BP Oddo. “The fight to reclaim our streets from those who litter continues. We ask the public to help us, not only by not littering, but also by letting us know when they see a dirty location so we can send our Clean Team out to beautify the area.”


In addition to restarting Clean Team operations for the year, BP Oddo will host his 2018 “Litter Summit” next week. The meeting, which city agencies and other stakeholders will participate in, will help BP Oddo craft his anti-litter plan for the year.