Upcoming Road Closures to Facilitate Litter Removal

Written on 04/09/2018

BP Oddo and Parks Department announce upcoming road closures to facilitate cleanups of litter-filled stretches


Starting April 12th, and for the following four Thursdays, Travis Avenue, Richmond Hill Road, Forest Hill Road, and Rockland Avenue are to be closed from 10am to 2pm to facilitate litter removal and tree pruning


Staten Islanders urged to plan alternate routes on those days


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – Borough President James Oddo has joined with the NYC Parks Department to announce a schedule of cleanups along major thoroughfares for the months of April and May. The cleanups, which will involve the deployment of heavy equipment and require full road closures, are as follows:


Thursday, April 12th – Travis Avenue from Victory Boulevard to Richmond Avenue

Thursday, April 19th – Richmond Hill Road from Forest Hill Road to Richmond Road

Thursday, April 26th – Forest Hill Road from Rockland Avenue to Richmond Hill Road

Thursday, May 3rd – Forest Hill Road from Richmond Hill Road to Richmond Avenue

Thursday, May 10th – Rockland Avenue from Forest Hill Road to Richmond Road


These roads will be closed from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on those dates. Motorists are advised to be aware and plan alternate routes on these dates.


“As a result of fewer cleanup activities during cold winter months, the litter buildup becomes exceedingly evident during this time of year,” noted BP Oddo. “Unfortunately, the selfish acts of certain individuals make it necessary to take these actions. While it may be an inconvenience to some when these roads are closed, this cleanup is needed in order for these agencies to safely and quickly remove bottles, fast food wrappers, and other items from the perimeter. Thank you to the Parks Department for their responsiveness in getting this done early in the season.”


The cleanup efforts are made possible through collaboration with the Parks Department, NYPD, DOT, and the Department of Sanitation.