BP Oddo, DA McMahon & Uber to Continue Partnership

Written on 02/27/2018

New promo code announced to provide those attending the Staten Island St. Patrick’s Day Parade with a free ride to safely get home


Staten Island, NY –Borough President James S. Oddo, District Attorney Mike McMahon, and the technology company Uber are pleased to announce a continuation of their partnership that began on Thanksgiving Eve to combat drunk driving. After two successful trial runs, the initiative will continue this Sunday to allow those attending the Staten Island St. Patrick’s Day Parade to arrive home safely after the event.


Between the hours of 10am-6pm on Sunday, March 4th, Staten Island residents can open up their Uber apps and enter the promo code “SISPD2018” to unlock one free ride (up to $15). The ride must start and end in Staten Island. Codes will work on a first come, first served basis as the number of free rides available through this promotion will be limited.


The Carl V. Bini Fund, the Forest Avenue BID, the South Shore BID, and the Richmond County Bar Association have generously signed on as main sponsors of this initiative. 


The free rides are part of the “SI Safe Ride” initiative, which launched last year. Nearly 3,000 Staten Islanders participated in the initial promotion, which allowed users to get free rides on Thanksgiving Eve in an effort to combat drunk driving. Free rides were also offered after the big game on February 4th, of which hundreds of football fans took advantage.


“SI Safe Ride” was created through a partnership between Borough President James Oddo, the technology company Uber, District Attorney Mike McMahon, the NYPD, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).


“Drinking and driving could turn a fun day at the parade into a tragic one,” said BP Oddo. “If your plans to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday at the parade include drinking, please leave your car at home. I encourage all Staten Islanders to enjoy the day safely and responsibly by taking advantage of this program. Thank you to our sponsors, DA McMahon, and Uber for helping us continue to give Staten Islanders a safe ride home.”


District Attorney McMahon said: “Staten Island St. Patrick’s Day is a proud day for those of Irish heritage to celebrate our shared history and our contributions to America and a chance for all Staten Islanders to come together and celebrate their Irish side with friends, family and loved ones. I am so pleased to continue our successful partnership with Borough President Oddo and Uber to provide a safe mode of travel for Staten Islanders reveling in the day’s festivities. Remember, there is no excuse to drink and drive.”  


“There is never an excuse to get behind the wheel after drinking, and Uber is proud to be part of this ongoing, collaborative Safe Rides Initiative,” said Danielle Filson, Uber Spokesperson. As friends and family celebrate St. Paddy's Day in Staten Island, we urge them to make responsible decisions and take advantage of this promotion.”


Uber has been proven to help reduce drunk driving across America. For example, DUI arrests in Seattle decreased by more than 10% after Uber started serving riders and drivers in the city, according to a recent study.  A recent independent study conducted by Temple University found cities where Uber operates have 3.6%-5.6% fewer drunk driving deaths than cities without access to ridesharing.

A report by Uber and MADD released last January concludes that when empowered with more transportation options like Uber, people are making responsible choices that result in fewer alcohol-related crashes. 

In 2003, Oddo and McMahon, then City Council Members, sponsored “Operation Arrive Alive,” a similar, though low-tech initiative that relied on bartenders to call a cab for patrons who requested one.  “SI Safe Ride” is different in that it allowed patrons themselves to summon an Uber in the way they are accustomed to.  


Initiative sponsors, the Forest Avenue BID and the South Shore BID, include the following nightlife establishments: Curly Wolf Saloon, Play, Joyce’s Tavern, Campania, Talk of The Town, Flanagan’s Tavern, Marmar Restaurant, Jody's Club Forest, Liberty Tavern, Ho Brah A Taco Joint, Cafe Milano, Kettle Black, Kings Arms Diner, 3 Guys Sushi, Panini Grill, Burrito Bar & Restaurant, Duffy's, Bruno's Li Greci's Staaten, Casa Franco.