Castorina Collects Holiday Cards for Troops

Written on 12/20/2017

This week, Assemblyman Ron Castorina wrapped up his holiday card drive for our troops overseas. Assemblyman Castorina sent a flyer out to all of the schools in the 62nd District, both public and parochial, and received well over 1,000 hand-made cards from the students. Working in conjunction with Fort Hamilton Army Base, the cards will ship out immediately.


On the matter Assemblyman Ron Castorina said, “This was something that we just felt was the right thing to do. We reached out to all of the schools in the district and honestly did not expect the turnout that we received. Students from kindergarten to eighth grade hand made over 1,000 cards. It really shows how much support that our community has for our troops. Reading these cards, you really see the true and innocent nature of children – one saying that he hopes that robots can one day fight our wars so our troops can spend time with their families. I hope the brave men and women overseas read these cards and feel the love that we have for them. I would like to thank all the schools that participated in our drive.”