The NYC Chili Cook-off

The Official New York State Cook-Off for the InternationalChili Society (ICS). Includes chili sampling, judging, cash priz- es, amusements, and live entertainment. Winners chosen from Historic Richmond Town will go to the world champi- onships!

The rivalry is real. The competition heated. Teams may dress as cowboys, some wear funny hats, and some have wacky names, but the competition is serious business as the region’s best chili-heads take to the bridges to battle the top cooks of New York at the ninth annual NYC Chili Cookoff at Historic Richmond Town.

Chiliheads are quick to say that chili is a cuisine of the peo-ple. And the judging reflects that philosophy. The Interna- tional Chili Society (ICS) recommends skipping professional judges and stacking the judges’ table with community mem- bers who appreciate good food. As the one and only cookoff in New York City that’s sanctioned by the International Chili Society, the competition entries and the judging can be hotter than the spices.