Reformed Church

54 Port Richmond Ave Elm Park

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Explore 350 Years of History on our 1.3 acre site, land-marked and on the National Register of Historic Places. See the 1844 Greek Revival Church, the fourth on the site since 1680, and its

Sunday School Extension, built in 1898 and designed by an architect and magician, who was a close associate of Harry Houdini and designed his tomb. Stroll among stones by seven of the nine famous Jersey carvers in our 1696 Burial Ground, among the ten oldest cemeteries in NYC. Of 122 family names, 83 are Staten Island street names. The earliest readable stone dates to 1746. The congregation dates from 1665. You will get to know some of them:

*The early Dutch settlers who brought a set of beliefs -- including personal and religious liberty and economic opportunity -- that evolved into what we know as the American Dream.

*The Congregants and Minister who in 1776 fought for these beliefs, playing pivotal roles in the American Revolution as spies and heroes with George Washington and Aaron Burr.

*Cornelius Vanderbilt, who built these beliefs into the ultimate fortune in American business history.

Great for those interested in American History, NYC & its Dutch History, the American Revolution, architecture, cemetery art, genealogy, history of commerce, maritime.

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