Fort Wadsworth

Fort Wadsworth Staten Island Richmond County

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Built along the high ground of the Narrows is Fort Wadsworth, a formidable structure that has guarded New York City for over 200 years. Fort Wadsworth harkens back to an era when New York Harbor was protected by seacoast fortifications. An enemy entering the Narrows would be caught in the cross-fire between Fort Wadsworth and Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn. During the War of 1812, Fort Wadsworth was crucial in protecting New York Harbor from the British. During the Civil War, Battery Weed protected the harbor and, along with Fort Tompkins, the granite fortification still stands today. When closed in 1994, Fort Wadsworth had been the longest active military site in the United States. Today it is managed by the National Parks Service and is open to the public as part of the Gateway National Recreational Area. Visitors are welcome to explore the former military stronghold, and see New York Harbor from the perspective of the countless soldiers who helped to protect it. Informative tours led by park rangers are available year round.

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